Guide Your Child To Success

Educational Parenting Coaching leads the way!

Use everyday activities to develop your child's thinking skills

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Build Parenting Skills

Learn key parenting techniques to help develop your child’s problem solving skills

Understand Your Child

Every child has a unique learning style. Knowing your child’s strengths and weaknesses allows you to make the best educational decisions.

Learn the Wonder Wheel

The Flexible Thinking Wonder Wheel is a tool to help you guide your child through the thinking process.

Start Small

Plan, Learn, Act

The first step is to create a plan.

The second step is to learn the tools.

The final step is to follow the plan and use the tools.

We can help guide your parenting journey.

How to start

Sessions are in-office or via Skype

Distance does not need to prevent you from getting help.

Sessions are for parents

Create a plan and gain tools to achieve your goals.

Are You Ready to Start?

Educational Parenting Coaching sessions will help you create and follow a plan .
Sessions are either in-person or via Skype.

Educational Parenting Coach

Understand your child's needs and create a plan that works for the whole family.

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