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Targeted Learning Concepts

Karen Fried, Psy.D., and Melissa Mullin, Ph.D., the owners and Directors of the K&M Center, set themselves a mission to help every student learn to his or her potential.  After over 20 years of experience helping thousands of children learn to read, write and achieve in school, Karen and Melissa are now using their knowledge to create products that can guide teachers and parents who wish to help children learn. Each product includes instructions and worksheets to guide your child to learn.

Executive Functioning Workbook

The Executive Functioning Workbook is the first subject-matter book geared toward the STUDENT – providing worksheets and advice for students to develop and improve their Executive Functioning skills.

Think, Talk, Laugh!

Think, Talk, Laugh Program is designed for students struggling to quickly process information. Exercises build verbal fluency, executive functioning and rapid naming skills.

Targeted Reading Kit

The Targeted Reading kit takes a step-by–step approach to developing reading skills. This easy to use 12-week reading program provides the building blocks of reading mastery.

Flexible Thinking Program

The Flexible Thinking Program provides fun games and guided instructions on how to help your child to become more a more flexible thinker.

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